Q. What exactly are these alternate covers about? 
A.  Artwork is the emphasis and all albums are meant for display purposes! The paper used for the slicks is not meant for handeling such as a record jacket would typically receive. However, with the shrink wrap left intact, they display wonderfully and will retain their pristine quality and purpose!  Note that the vinyl inside each LP is not by The Beatles, but is included to give the weight and feel of an actual release. The vinyl inside are non-descript LPs that no self-respecting used record store would ever sell...or be able to if they wanted! All of the featured albums and 45-sleeves are fantasy items.  All LP's are approximately 12" X 12."

Q. How are the covers constructed?
A.   Like the originals; two slicks pasted on a cardboard jacket. Although Abbey Road was was not made in this manner, the alternate Abbey Road covers offered on this site utilize are constructed using the two slick method. 

Q. What do people do with them?
A.  We recommend they remain sealed for display purposes; however, many customers have said they like to use them to house extra vinyl that matches the appropriate title. Please note that in the case of any gatelfold LP, there is no image on the inside (e.g. all "Sgt. Pepper's," "Eight Arms To Hold You" and "Magical Mystery Tour").

Q. What's their availability?
A.  All items should be available; however, some may be out of stock from time to time, but we'll let you know if an item is on back order!

Q. How much do they cost?
A.  $24.99 per LP including S&H. Mailed via USPS Media Mail w/ Delivery Confirmation). 

Q. Can I trust this site?
A. We got our start on eBay,(bobisocks01), 
but their restrictive policies prompted the 
creation of this website. If you'd like to see our 100% positive feedback rating from over 1000 satisfied customers... just click the eBay link to the right and check it out!